White Wine List



Pinot Grigio, Cavallina,  Sicilia
$9 glass      $24 ½ litre      $32 bottle
Light to medium & dry with fruity aromas

Chardonnay, Farnese
$9 glass      $24 ½ litre      $32 bottle
Dry & fresh, with tropical fruits

Pinot Grigio, 2008, Mosole      $42

Medium bodied and dry. Aromas of peach, pear & almond. Pair with chicken and cream sauces

Soave, 2007, ‘San Vincenzo’, Anselmi       $ 42

Fresh, floral, mineral. Pair with shellfish, poultry and pork. 87 pts: Wine Advocate




Chardonnay, 2005, Trinchero Family, California      $42
Full bodied with some oak influence. Pair with chicken, shellfish or pork

Symphony Obsession, Ironstone, California, 2009 (1)      $ 42
100% Symphony, it is a modern grape, cross between muscat & Grenache gris, lusciously brilliant & full of fruit flavors

Riesling, 2008, Cave Spring Cellars, Niagara (2)      $ 37
Slightly off-dry with great acidity. Pair with antipasto or shellfish

Sauvignon Blanc, 2010, Oyster Bay, New Zealand      $42
Gooseberry and grassy aromas with lots of fruit. Pair with fish, shellfish or chicken

Sauvignon Blanc, 2008, Cave Spring Cellars, Niagara      $37
Old world style. Medium bodied, fresh fruit with great minerality. Pair with seafood or poultry


ROSE:   White Zinfandel, Sutter Home, California (3)
$9 glass      $24 ½ liter       $32 bottle